News Tracker

A chronological list of happenings in energy affairs.


What’s been happening in 2023

● UNEP report: globe careening towards 3 degrees warming by 2100
US emissions set for 3% decline this year, good news after 2 years of rises, but a drop in the bucket given 50% decline by 2030 goal
● Assembly line in Schenectady finishes its first wind turbine
● NY offers new offshore wind auction (allowing existing contract holders to re-bid)
● Plan to make LIPA fully public utility charges forward
● NYSERDA picks Attentive Energy One – owned by a consortium of TotalEnergies, Rise Light & Power and Corio Generation – to build wind farm that will replace 60-year-old Ravenswood Generating Station in Long Island City.
company proposing an offshore wind farm in New Jersey is investing $10.6 million in projects to help grow the industry’s supply chain
First turbine installed at 130MW South Fork Wind, NYS’s first Offshore Wind Farm
● US Treasury floats tax lifeboat for struggling offshore wind industry
● NYISO will keep to gas peaker plants online past 2025 to cope with 446MW shortfall in NYC
● William Westgard-Cruice on Class Struggle and the Wind Value Chain in Europe
● UN report says petrostates (US among them) are planning insane massive expansion of fossil fuels
voters in Maine rejected a measure that would have created a public utility, after a campaign in which they were outspent 40-1 by for-profit utilities
opinion piece arguing that US needs to scale up rare earth minerals mining
● Wind power faces a crisis in NE
● Orsted cancellation puts millions of $ and 15,000 jobs at risk

Orsted cancels Ocean Wind 1 & 2 projects off NJ coast
tight timelines for renewable bids to NYSERDA
● Hochul deals another blow to offshore wind projects – Equinor has 3 of 4 offshore wind contracts with NYSERDA but warns it may cancel them all
● Gov Hochul releases 10-point energy transition plan
● NYS announces largest-ever state RE investment
● Upstate NY designated as fed clean tech hub – $ for batteries
● WE ACT RE trainees start their own solar installation coop
● NY PSC rejects RE developers’ requests for higher payments
● NY climate goals in jeopardy as renewable projects falter
● Sierra Club report on utilities’ failure to abide by energy transition pledges

NYC’s Climate Chief reflects on city’s greatest challenges